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The first thing you have to learn is that there are some important differences in spark plugs' threaded ends, which are made in four diameters and lengths. Most plugs' thread diameter is a nominal 14 millimeters, but Honda -for example- uses 10mm plugs in small displacement engines and l2mm plugs spark all the Honda Fours.

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  • I've read that with today's unleaded fuels with the ethanol, and now that bikes have efi, that you can't get a plug reading anymore. They all look pretty white because the fuel burns cleaner. True? I've seen plugs from bikes that have Power Commanders, Serts, etc. on them and they look pretty white too.
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  • You can actually read your spark plugs for valuable “clues” about how your engine is operating. If your plugs indicate that something is seriously wrong with your engine, ask a professional for an opinion. To read a spark plug and assess engine troubles, you first have to remove it. Use a spark plug wrench with … Jun 28, 2014 · Spark plugs known as platinum feature a platinum center electrode. These are also described as “single platinum” plugs. Platinum-tipped spark plugs are more expensive because platinum is a more rare element in nature. Where platinum spark plugs shine is their great longevity under normal driving conditions.
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