Blue thunder heads for big block ford

excellent attention to detail, these cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and accessories are targeted toward Ford applications. To search the full range of Blue Thunder products follow this link! Blue Thunder Catalog We put this page together to showcase a few of the Blue Thunder products we have available.

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  • Which head are you looking for? Their are several Blue Thunder heads and variations. Thors? What Generation? CJ with what Exhaust port? Ford or BBC? What CC Chambers? 72 or 100? Iron or Aluminum? It would be much easier to get a TFS Street, Edelbrock, P-51 or Ford SCJ head.
  • I just took the challenge and looked it all up in the "Blue Thunder" catalogue. They list 4 different cylinder heads for the 429/460 with 3 of those having 3 different combustion chamber size versions. I will try my hand at this punctuation stuff but, I'll probably mess it up, (smile). Standard height Ford Exhaust, Aluminum Head #CHFA-LP-CCC 74cc
  • Apr 10, 2016 · Oakley Motorsports 587 1019 HP @ 7000 RPM A460 Big Bore Block Lunati Forged Crank Diamond Pistons P-51 Heads 13.6:1 Comp Cams Custom Grind Cam QuickFuel QFX 1450 Carb VP Racing Fuels Q16 Race Gas ...
  • Blue Thunder Ford 429-460 Big Block Heads Blue Thunder Heads are the best standard configuration heads available for 429-460 Ford engines. They use all standard CJ equipment including intake manifold, guide plates, rockers, push rods and exhaust. Valves are the only exception. Blue Thunder heads require longer than stock valves. 78cc Ford Raised Exhaust Cylinder Head; 78cc Ford Raised Exhaust Cylinder Head (iron) ... Blue Thunder Auto. 1717 E. Vista Chino Road, A7-833 Palm Springs, CA 92262 ...

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  • Dec 16, 2008 · the Blue Thunder MR and HR heads are available with "large bore" (427) and "small bore" (428) valve spacing as well as "wedge" and "Quench" chambers. A .060 over 428 would have a 4.190 bore and a 1.72 exhaust would be close to the cylinder wall. Melco 10 needle embroidery machine
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